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Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Whether you are looking  or a rustic country feel, a vintage chic look or a classic ranch style wedding, Lake Oak Meadows is the perfect canvas to create your dream wedding!

Lake Oak Meadows is nestled deep in the heart of picturesque Temecula wine country just a short drive from surrounding San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties. Our lakeside private ceremony and reception sites are situated in the middle our winery estate surrounded by lush trees, impressive fountains of fire and water and shady knolls with heirloom roses. Let our stunning venue be the backdrop for a wedding that will leave a lasting memory on your friends and family. Call  (951) 676-6162 to find out more information and book a tour!

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Ceremony Magazine

 Featured in Ceremony Magazine

We're excited to report that Parnum and Christopher's wedding is a featured featured in Ceremony Magazine.
Venue: Lake Oak Meadows
Photography: April Smith Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Hayley Radford of Celebrations by Diana
Rentals: Madam Palooza's
Florals: RSVP Events
Cakes: Cakes to Celebrate



Featured on Wedding Chicks

Designed by L Parker Photography and coordinated by Celebrations by Diana. With cake by Bo Cakes Bakery / flowers by Finicky Flowers /hair and makeup by Runway Bridal /Wedding gowns by Elyse Rueben custom couture. Rentals by Madam Palooza’s Emporium and Allie’s Party rentals / Paper Villa Invites.

If you’re looking for some sweet southern wedding inspiration then look no further! This gorgeous shoot has it all, from the subdued blush colored dresses and flowers, to the something blue vintage glass table settings. It’s full of southern charm and we’re loving every detail.

Check out the full article and gallery on line here: Wedding Chicks

Featured on San Diego Style Weddings Blog

Lake Oak Meadows is thrilled to be featured on San Diego Style Weddings blog.

Wedding planners and designers are always looking for the next inspiration to strike when stylizing an event. For this Shades of Metal style shoot, one look at this stunning vineyard in Temecula Wine Country surrounded by a lake of fire and water was all it took.  The rare elements of earth combined with the contemporary look of metal, copper and slate allowed the designers to weave modern industrial segments with mid-century vintage pieces.

Adding a retro whiskey and cigar bar, and using metal colors is an impressive way to provide a getaway for guests to converse or for couples to sneak in a romantic moment behind the metal fan.  


    LAKE OAK MEADOWS, Temecula Vineyard Wedding Location, 36101 Glenoaks Road, Temecula, CA 925